I've totally slacked on some userinfo requests :( I'm sorry....some of them are MONTHS old. Anyone want anything? Comment, request away. You can comment here or on the original userinfo post. I'm into making stuff again but all I've done is my own journal, I haven't been very if you need something, comment with some HQ images and let me know what you'd like. I need some motivation :D

Any other communities/makers out there want to affiliate? lmk!

edit: btw, I noticed some of the userinfo images are bandwidth exceeded. I'll reupload, but just fyi...hotlinking userinfos ONLY is still okay but you might want to upload for yourself to avoid downtimes like this.

edit 2: everybody's requests have been filled, even the ones that were embarrassingly old (like...a year :/). As always, request away on whatever post when you see something you like...I promise not to be so late on them anymore!
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new year's resolution lol

I'm thinking of trying to get some new stuff done in the New Year...hopefully I'll have more time to dedicate to this place. I'm really sorry for not getting to requests - I know there have been a few and I just haven't had time. If you're still interested in anything, please comment here and let me know!

Also, feel free to make suggestions for new content or whatever you want!

quick update

New stuff on the way. Thanks for sticking around even while nothing is being posted. Life has been crazy lately with new jobs, family visiting from halfway around the world, illnesses...UGH! I need a good long vacation, haha.

The last post was a boring post like this too...that's embarrassing :P I'll be posting ASAP!

thank you!

100 members!

Thank you to all of you for joining - I am glad you are finding some things you like! Usually graphic communities would hold a request post in celebration, but requests are always open here at impressively :P

(now, back to the Canucks game!)
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