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...icons, layouts, FO banners, userinfos & more...
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welcome to impressively.
This is a new community, and we're just getting started! Join now and be one of the first to get in on new & unique icons, friends-only banners, layouts, headers, userinfo dividers, tutorials and more.


While this community is getting off the ground, icon, userinfo dividers, and friends-only banner requests will be honoured. See this post for details (join). Layout and header requests are not currently honoured. Requests are only available for a limited time, so join now!

in this community
Icons and fo banners will be posted often. Userinfo divders and tutorials posted semi-regularly. Headers and layouts will be posted on occasion, increasing over time.

Icons are usually posted with several variants! This means that if you find an icon you like, you'll often be able to choose from different text (or no text), colours, textures, and crops. The same usually applies for banners and dividers.

All items posted are for use on LiveJournal only. Please do not alter or edit any items.

not-really rules
Comment and let me know what you like and dislike! Credit in this community is not actually credit, but rather a link back here simply for promotion and a link to resources (where the real credit lies). I won't kill you if you don't link back...I might ask politely, but no killing and/or maiming. Promise.


always accepting affiliates
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comment here to affiliate.

last...but not least

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enjoy your stay.